History of Municipality

The District of jalpaiguri was formed on 1st January in the year 1869 and started its activities as a Divisional Head Quarter of Rajshahi- Koch Behar Division since 1875 and as Rajsahi Division from 1883. The long international border with countries of Bhutan and Bangladesh has made Jalpaiguri a strategic location so far as the defense, development and economy of the region.  With the formation of District, the tea plantation played key role in the field of Socio-Economic reforms in the district since 1877. In view of the above, a new Township has emerged in the district as “Jalpaiguri Town” in the year 1869. The administration and tea planters of the district felt it necessary to set up a Urban Local Body. And “Jalpaiguri Union” was formed and performed the municipal activities till 1st. April 1885.  The “Jalpaiguri Municipality” came into being with a population of 7936 in the year 1886-87 under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner of the District and Vice-Chairmanship of Civil Medical Officer. The first non official Chairman was elected in the year 1916-17. The municipal area was then divided into 7 wards, consisting with 19 commissioners. After independence, the municipal area was divided into 19 single member constituency wards in the year 1967 with a functioning area 10.095 sq. K.M. Subsequently, in 1995, the municipal area has been expanded to 12.95 sq.K.M.

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