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Amongst the cities of west Bengal, the importance of Jalpaiguri is enormous. The town came into existence both as the Divisional and District Headquarters in 1869 and keeping in view the importance of the town. The Jalpaiguri Municipality was established in 1885.

Right from the inception, the Municipality is saddled with the responsibility of extending services to its residents. With this end in view, the Board of Councillors have taken up the responsibility of keeping up the tradition that begun a century and two decades back and is solely bent upon providing a better and dynamic trend of services to its tax-payers.

Notwithstanding manifold hurdles coupled with extreme financial constraints that confronted the Municipality very often, the Municipality has been relentlessly striving for inducting better reformed services. Through the wake of globalization, there has been a growing demand from the residents for providing better quality of services thereby making inroads of a number of many new problems.

In order to cope up with this challenge, the Municipality has endeavored to introduce in the field providing services some technology based modern and more dynamic method of functioning. But the infrastructure and the bulk of fund that are needed for these developments are absent since it is not possible for the Municipality alone to provide such a huge quantum of fund from its limited sources. It can be made possible only with the financial assistance from the State and Central Govt. and Statutory and non-Statutory Bodies dealing with Municipal affairs to help & create a better and comfortable environment for the public.

During the quarter past century, the demographic structure has shown a steep rise and presently, as per Census of 2001, the population of the town is 1,00,348. The services given to the dwellers by the Municipality followed so long the traditional way but with the growth of population and keeping in view their outlook, the whole scenario has to be given a relook. Considering the demands and aspiration of the people, the Municipality proposes to undertake the following measures on a priority basis and also in a planned manner. The areas which have been given prime thrust are:

i. Comprehensive drainage system and removal of water-logging which has been a persistent bottleneck for over decades;
ii. Sanitation in a most scientific way;
iii. Supply of piped and portable water to the people in general including slum areas;
iv. Management of solid waste and liquid waste purification;
v. Provision of lighting facilities in virgin areas;
vi. Repairs and construction of lanes and by-lanes;
vii. Infrastructural facilities for social sector, covering health services, education, open space for games and sports, parks for children and senior citizens, etc.

Incidentally, it may be mentioned here that with our initiatives some programmes and measures like dredging of river Karala, augmentation of the navigability of Teesta - Karala rivers, erosion control, prevention of Floods/ Flash floods and beautification of Karala have been incorporated in the Action Plan to be formulated by the Central water resource Department under Brahmaputra Action Plan. Since the whole range of programmes are covered in a broad perspective, action, phase by phase and on priority basis, are in the process of making by the Central water resource Department.

It is known to all that Jalpaiguri is endowed and replete with a number of religious and famous tourist spots and this heritage town itself can very well be made as a place for transition of tourists for visiting the nearest sites and temples, like Jalpesh Mandir, the temple of goddess Kali set up by Devi Chowdhurani, Tea gardens, Forests etc. of Dooars.

Needless to say, during pre and post partition days, Jalpaiguri had the fortune of having two civil aviation services one at Panga while the other Ambari Falakata. The pre-independence Railway Commission through Tetulia Coridor may revive the economic activities of Jalpaiguri by curtailment of journey hours around 40 percent from state capital at Kolkata. Now they are totally defunct. If one of these airstrips can be restored and recommissioned, the town will, no doubt, have the privilege of attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Besides the above, to avoid pollution of environment, the need for beautification of the town, as a whole, reclamation of the water bodies, artificial lakes, rehabilitation of encroachers, undertaking self-employment scheme, poverty alleviation programmes, primary medical care including prevention of incidence of infectious and water-borne diseases, has been keenly felt.

Thus, for implementation of the above plans and programmes in their various aspects, the Municipality will inevitably need the services aspects of its machinery which must be properly equipped and efficient. For this, introduction of some training for increasing efficiency of the existing employees and maintenance of both double-entry accounting system and procedural administrative matters; arrangement for immediate attending of complaints from public; paying due regard to the Citizen’s Charter; improvement of collection of taxes by regular visits by the collectors and long-term financial planning is felt indispensable.

To sum up, the Municipality is trying hard to reach the goal in a well-planned and scientific way to translate the above visions into reality so that the fruits of its whole-hearted efforts percolate even to the humblest residents of the town.

Therefore, the Board of Councillors is of the opinion that without proper and consistent planning, no remarkable headway can be made. And to fulfill the expectations of the people, formulation of a priority wise 5-Year Draft Development Plan is already on the anvil for integrated development of the town and its people.

It’s my pleasure to dedicate this dynamic website of Jalpaiguri Municipality to the citizens of Jalpaiguri town which is a major initiative from our end for good-governance and better service towards the people at large. 

It is only the blessing and good wishes of the people that will lead us to achieve our aims and objectives.


Jalpaiguri Municipality

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